Overall Progress - 04/24/2021

Current World Build Version: 0.07.00

World Build Statistics

Total Lines of Build Commands: 42,727

Total Rooms Built: 13,083

Total Named Streets: 164
Total StreetRooms-Type1: 4,601
Total StreetRooms-Type2: 409
Total Named Alleyways: 200
Total AlleyRooms: 1798
Total SewerRooms: 191

Total Named Highways: 29
Total HighwayRooms: 1,425
Total Named Highway Tunnels: 1
Total HighwayTunnelRooms: 44
Total AutobusStationRooms: 103
Total AutoRepairRooms: 76
Total Tow/Scrap Yards: 75
Total Filling Stations: 200
Total GarageRooms: 80

Total ShuttleTerminals: 3
Total ShuttlePads: 6

Total Named Pedestrian Paths: 138
Total PedestrianRooms-Type1: 2,225
Total PedestrianRooms-Type2: 579
Total ResidentialRooms: 850
Total BarRooms: 768
Total ShopRooms: 43
Total EntertainmentRooms: 23
Total SchoolRooms: 9
Total CloneRooms: 27
Total DataCenterRooms: 16

Total BeachRooms: 126
Total OceanRooms: 45

Total CorporateLobbys: 47

Total DestroyedRooms: 19

Game Code Specifics

Total Individual Room TypeClasses: 29

Update, April 24, 2021

I think I have all the alleyways I need, time to drastically expand the number of city building rooms to increase density. Working on adding some ShopRooms, CloneRooms, EntertainmentRooms, DataCenterRooms, and CorpRooms (like corporate headquarters or offices). I have hundreds of location names already on my build lists, I just need to get the rooms into the mud.

Update, March 5, 2021

This month I'm working to increase city density by building more alleyways between the streets. These are walking-accessible pedestrian rooms that will not be driving-accessible. I have a growing list of over 100 named alleys to build throughout the city and many of these will serve as connections for other future buildings. These AlleyRooms are the last of the base city's non-building-rooms left to create.

I will then build the last of the BarRooms, and move on to (in no particular order) ShopRooms, CloneRooms, EntertainmentRooms, DataCenterRooms, CorporateRooms, and SchoolRooms. As I go I will evaluate the city density and update the plan, but there are still MANY other room types and points of interest left to build.

I am STILL deciding if I want to post a map of the city.. I have everything that's currently built mapped on an Excel spreadsheet. I'm stuck somewhere between posting a picture of this Excel map and making my own art mock-up to show off.. For now, no map, but there's still a lot of work to do on the game and website, so maybe in the future.

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