Presenting, Center City...

..a dense, coastal megalopolis of highrises, warehouses, manufactories, alleyways, highways, slums, and hardships, where colossal corporations vye for power over a captive population, deeply intertwined with a relentless and violent underground of anti-authority. A simulated electronic world, the grid, mirrors the physical city, built in silicone and copper. Manifested as a visual plane of data light, the grid is accessed using sensory rigs aided by bioimplants and specialized computer systems. Battles are waged on the city's streets and the grid's cyber spaces, for control over data, energy, money, and ultimately dominion of the city itself.

Pick a side and join the struggle, but beware, danger lurks around every turn. In Center City it is often kill or be killed.

                   ______________  __________   
                  /  _________   \/   / ___  \  
                 /  /__     -    /   /    /  /  
                /  /\_  \    ___/   /    /  /   
               /  /__/  /\   \ /   /   _/  /    
               \_______/  \ __\ __/\______/   

GRID MUD is built with Evennia, an open-source Python-based MUD codebase. The game is not open for play, I am still in the very early stages of coding and worldbuilding.

Check out the News and Updates page for information.